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Excess Vibration reached #1 on Billboards Hot R&B/Hip Hop Single Sales chart, #4 on the Hot Single Sales chart, and #1 on the Hot Dance Single Sales chart May 2009. Im a Tease reached #1 on Billboards Hot R&B/Hip Hop Single Sales chart and #1 on Billboards Hot Dance Single Sales chart March/April 2010

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Businesspeople: Getting your customers' attention is getting harder and harder. Cut through the clutter with a fresh ad jingle, powerful voiceover and on-hold messages that manage both customer retention and marketing duties in one persuasive swoop.

Songwriters: Do you want a better chance of getting published and cut? Publishers and producers expect a polished demo these days; they want to be sold on a song, which is tough to do with a cassette recorder in your living room.

Today's competitive marketplace demands distinction to succeed. One of the primary ways you can draw attention is with exceptional audio. We offer a range of expert production services for all kinds of business scenarios, and for songwriters and musicians looking to promote their material.

"Once again, brilliant work and judgment calls on echoes, reverb, etc. Best song by far for us — a world-class feeling."...J. A.

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